Forbidden activities

1. Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, including without limitation host country requirements related to environmental, health and safety, and labor aspects;

2. Production or trade in weapons and munitions;

3. Production, trade, storage, or transport of significant volumes of hazardous chemicals, or commercial scale usage of hazardous chemicals;

4. Trade in wildlife or wildlife products regulated under CITES; 5. Production or trade in radioactive materials;

5. Commercial logging operations or purchase of logging equipment for use in the primary tropical moist forest;

6. Production or trade in pharmaceuticals subject to international phase-outs or bans;

7. Production or trade in pesticides/herbicides subject to international phase-outs or bans;

8. Drift net fishing in the marine environment using nets in excess of 2.5km in length;

9. Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labor /harmful child labor;

10. Production or trade in ozone-depleting substances subject to international phase-out;

11. Production or trade in wood or other forestry products from unmanaged forests;

12. Money exchange dealings;

13. Involvement in any business relating to prostitution;

14. Quarries, mining, or processing of metal ores or coal;

15. Giving or receiving gifts that could be interpreted as intending to influence business decisions;

16. Illegal use of confidential material and non-public information;

17. Trading of animal fur, bones, and ivory;

18. Diamond trading without Kimberley Certification;

19. Creation of indecent and obscene material including child pornography;

20. Trading of cultural objects like sculptures, statues, antiques, collectors’ items, and archaeological pieces especially those originating from the Republic of Iraq;

21. Trading of fireworks, explosives, and weapons;

22. Drug trafficking including chemicals used to manufacture a synthetic drug or drugs;

23. Trading in derivatives/options/hedging;

24. Non-licensed offline gambling/betting/casino/horse racing/bingo/sports betting;

25. Non-licensed online casino/online poker/online gambling/online betting/prize draws/gift cards/any form of lottery/scratch cards;

26. Trading of bearer shares and bonds;

27. The dealing of jewels, gems, precious metals;

28. Non-licensed forex/binary options.

29. Unauthorized interception or surveillance of communications not permitted by law.

30. Trafficking or trade of human organs.

31. Production or trade in asbestos fibers or products containing asbestos.

32. Development or proliferation of biological weapons.

33. Engaging in cybercrimes, including unauthorized access to systems, data theft, and the spread of malicious software.

34. Manufacturing or distribution of counterfeit goods, including fashion items, electronics, and pharmaceutical products.

35. Unauthorized use or duplication of intellectual property not owned or licensed.

36. Operation of unregulated nuclear facilities or trading in nuclear materials not sanctioned by international treaties.

37. Engaging in pyramid or Ponzi schemes, or any fraudulent investment operations.

38. Production or trade in products that have been banned by regulatory agencies due to safety concerns.

39. Unauthorized activities in protected or restricted areas, such as natural reserves or heritage sites.

40. Export or trade of artifacts and items protected by cultural heritage laws without proper permissions.

41. Illegal dumping or discharge of pollutants into the environment, including air, water, and soil.

42. Use of child or slave labor in supply chains.

43. Engaging in practices or using technologies that invade privacy or violate data protection laws.

44. Development or trading in artificial intelligence applications that are deemed unethical or have been banned under international agreements.

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